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Telephones And Gear


Quicknet Internet Jack
Connect telephone to the internet
Enhances voice quality
Echo cancellation
Full duplex
Laptop version available
Works with Delta3 and Net2Phone
Three year hardware warranty


Make money
Own your own payphone

Buy Electronics and Toys at Amazon.com

Telephones & Answering Machines
Consumer and business models


GE Bedroom Clock Radio Phone
Deluxe AM/FM radio
12-number dialer


Star Wars Flip Phone
Queen Amidala


Star Wars Answering Machine
Naboo Royal Starship


Deluxe Telephone Kit
Elenco Electronics (ages 10+)
Build it yourself kit


Talk with Elmo Cell Phone
Tyco Preschool (ages 2-3)


Ring 'n' Rattle Phone
Fisher-Price (6 mo. - 3 years)


Telephone Tips For Kids
Video (18 minutes)
Safety and emergency tips


Cellphones + Accessories


Cellphones and Plans
Many different manufacturers, including
   Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, ...
Many different plans, including
   AT&T, CellularOne, Omnipoint, ...
Cellphone accessories
Prepaid plans available



PageNet is the leading provider of wireless messaging services across the U.S. and Canada. They offer a full range of paging, advanced messaging and content services.

Info USA Directories

 •  Yellow Pages USA
Includes business name, complete address, phone number, 800 numbers, fax number (where available), yellow page heading, years in the database, franchise names and specialties (where available), and neighboring businesses.
Search by business name or yellow page heading. Reverse search by street address or phone number. Narrow your search by city, state, or zip code.
 •  104 M. Business&Households 2001
White page and yellow page listings. Search by individual or business name, or by yellow pages heading. Narrow your search by city, state, zip code, or region. Reverse search by phone number to find name and address.
 •  Other directories

Sales Tools

Prospecting Partner - Specialized technology, tools and techniques, for sales professionals and business entrepreneurs designed to enhance telephone communications and close more business. Telephone record and playback accessories designed for business professionals.
Books, music, and more at Amazon.com
 •  Effective Telephone Skills (book)
 •  Telephone Skills from A to Z:
   The Telephone 'Doctor' Book

 •  1-800-Courtesy:Connecting
   With a Winning Telephone Image


Telecom Web Links


Companies, Associations, Forums


Telecom Virtual Library
Part of the WWW Virtual Library


U. Mich. Telecom Resources
An exhaustive list of telecom
resources on the net.


The #1 Telecommunications Job Site
on the Web. Post & Search resumes
and jobs - Hundreds of helpful
telecom and job hunting links.


How to Buy a Phone System

   Purchase 'How to Buy the Best Phone System' from Amazon.com   
Purchase 'How to Buy the Best Phone System' from Amazon.com
 •  How to Buy the Best Phone System 
 •  How to Shop For A Cell Phone 
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Compare Telephone Services

 •  More 1+, 10xxx, Phonecards
 •  Best Rate Search Engine
For a personalized quote, e-mail to info@DialSaver.com the state you are in and an estimated minutes per month (intralata if known, intrastate, interstate, and international) across all of your lines.

If you have a high monthly volume of calls, we can customize special rates and features.


1+ Long Distance


4.5¢ RBOC 48 states
6 second billing
18 second call minimum
No monthly minimums
$2/month billing fee if
   calls total under $15/month
800 number at same rate
   $2.50/month fee for one or more
Mailed bill


Cost depends on number called
As low as 2.9¢
One minute minimum
6 second rounding
No monthly billing fee
Online account management
No ISDN or cellphones
Bill to credit card


Planet Earth Communications
3 plans (48 states rate quoted):
   6.9¢ $10/month minimum
   7.9¢ no minimum
   8.9¢ 10xxx (no switching)
One minute rounding
No monthly billing fee
800 call at same rate
Online account management
No ISDN or cellphones
Bill to credit card


   one minute minimum & rounding
   6 second rounding (intra + int'l)
   18 second minimum intrastate
$2.00 fee if under $20/month
   across all lines
800 number at same rate $2 fee
No ISDN or cellphones


Capsule Communications
4.9¢ RBOCs, Sprint,
   United, GTE
30 second rounding
1 minute minimum
800 service 5.9¢
Calling card 10¢ 6/30
$1.99/month if less than $20
Direct Billed


Internet Telephony


Worldwide IP Tel. Svc
Call from your PC
Flat Rate Plan
   Unlimited US and Canada
   Includes 250 min. W. Europe
Prepaid Plan
   Worldwide discounted rates


Worldwide IP Tel. Svc
Call from your PC




Callback service
6 second rounding
1 minute minimum
Internet Trigger
Online account access
Prepaid or billed option




2.9¢ USA - 8¢ Mexico
49¢ USA surcharge
Not rechargeable
Quantity discounts
Physical card only
   No e-mailed pins


8.9¢ USA
No surcharge
Not rechargeable
Quantity discounts
E-mailed pins


8.9¢ USA
   or 6.9¢ from areas of TX, CA
6 second rounding
30 second minimum
   (1 minute for Mexico)
No per call surcharge
Monthly billed - $1 activation
$1/month (credit card)
   or $2/month (mailed bill)
Great for intrastate calls
   in high cost states

 •  Telephone History
 •  Alexander Graham Bell
 •  Telephone Collector's Clubs
 •  Museums and Collections
 •  Antique Telephones for Sale
 •  Novelty Telephones
 •  Collectable Phonecards

Telephone History

Antique Phone
 •  A Telephone History
 •  More Telephone History
 •  An Audio History (4 hours!)
 •  Bell System Past, Present,
 •  Bell Labs Museum
 •  The Telephone and Its
   Several Inventors: A History (book)
 •  Telephone - Modern Marvels (video)

Alexander Graham Bell

 •  Yahoo Listings
 •  National Historic Site
 •  Path to the Telephone
 •  Links for Kids
 •  Alexander Graham Bell:
   A Life (book)
 •  Bell : Alexander Graham Bell
   and the Conquest of Solitude (book)
 •  Alexander Graham Bell:
   The Life and Times of the
   Man Who Invented the Telephone (book)

Telephone Collector's Clubs

 •  Antique Tel. Collectors Assoc.
 •  Telephone Collectors Int.
 •  Telecom Heritage Group (UK)

Museums and Collections

 •  Cyber Telephone Museum
 •  Telephone Pioneer's Museum
 •  Edmonton Telephone Centre
 •  Museum of Independent Telephony
 •  Georgia Rural Tel. Museum
 •  Vintage Telephone Equipment
 •  Danish Tel. Museum
 •  Finland (Telegalleria)
 •  Old French Phones
 •  Telecom Museum (France)
 •  Antique Tel. in Japan
 •  NTT Museum (Japan)
 •  Norwegian Telecom Museum
 •  Telefonica (Spain)
 •  Telemuseum (Sweden)
 •  PTT Museum (Switzerland)
 •  Telephones: Antique to Modern
   A Collector's Guide (book)
 •  100 Years of Bell Telephones:
   With Price Guide (book)
 •  The Phone : An Appreciation
   (Design Icons) (book)

Antique Telephones for Sale

 •  Chicago Old Telephone Co.
 •  Vintage Phones Company
 •  Hollywood Phones Company
 •  Phoneco Inc.
 •  Wood Wall Telephones
 •  The Telephone Man
 •  Phone Vault
 •  AndHow! Antique Telephones
 •  Bill's Phones
 •  More Companies
 •  Yahoo Auction
 •  eBay Auction
 •  Old-Time Telephones!
   Technology, Restoration,
    and Repair (book)

Novelty Telephones


Phones from Amazon.com
Kash 'N Gold
   Coca Cola
   Darth Vader
   Harley Davidson

 •  R2D2, USS Enterprise, more...
 •  Collectible Novelty Phones:
   If Mr. Bell Could
   See Me Now (book)

Collectable Phonecards

 •  Intro. to Telephone Cards
 •  Phone Card Central
 •  Open Directory
 •  news:rec.collecting.phonecards 
 •  news:alt.binaries.phonecards
 •  Phonecard Collectors Listserv
 •  Phonecard Webring

Not a Telephone

 •  Toaster Museum Foundation

Out of Print Collector's Books

 •  Once upon a Telephone:
   An Illustrated Social History
 •  Telephone :
   The First Hundred Years
 •  The Telephone Book:
   Bell, Watson, Vail
   and American Life, 1876-1976
 •  Vintage Telephones of the World

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